Rescuerunner - Saves Lives at Sea

To save someone in the water, you need a rescue craft that is quick to launch and maneuvers safely in all weathers and waters. The RescueRunner is the perfect choice for professional SAR operators as it is designed, developed and built for you who need a compact, strong and versatile boat for rescue missions, surveillance, environmental protection or transporting of equipment.

It’s a close range rescue craft, which was originally developed by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society for one purpose only – to save lives at sea and be the boat that could go into waters and areas their other vessels could not reach. Shallow, narrow and rocky waters.


Due to its small size, it is very easy for a single operator to operate and it can be launched by one person in a matter of minutes. The RescueRunner is used in more than 30 countries for missions like:

Search and Rescue
Life Guarding/ Life Saving
Towing Vessels
Environmental Protection / Pulling Oilbooms
Fire Rescue
Medical First Responder
Safety Boat in Ports and Airports

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