About Us

In the rough environment rescuers encounter, only the best equipment is good enough.This is why Safe at Sea works closely with its partners and customers, to ensure we deliver and offer products that meet the highest expectations.

Safe at Sea values the efforts taken by both professional and volunteer rescuers. We want to help these heroes to have the best possible equipment and training to save lives at sea.


Safe at Sea is your global partner and vendor when it comes to light-weight SAR-systems. We will throughout our worldwide network contribute to the zero vision of casualties at sea and work for a safe working environment within SAR operations.

Safe at Sea manufactures and offers safe and user-friendly high quality products. Our reliable and cost efficient products are used to save lives at sea.

Safe at Sea is an innovative company, we value our staff, partners and customers and their competence.


SAFE AT SEA        ⇐⇒         SAFE AT WORK

We want everyone at sea, our customers’ operators as well as our own staff to be able to be safe at sea and safe at work


For Safe at Sea our values are important. All the staff have together agreed on six values important to our day-to-day business. In addition to our values we also have a Code of Conduct that describes how we do business.

We Focus on The customer

Our customers risk their lives to save other people’s lives. Many of the organisations we work with are on a volunteer basis and funded by donations. That is why we care about our customers and appreciate the important work they do. We prove this in our day to day work, where the aim is to always exceed our customers expectations. We also want our customers to perceive us as welcoming, helpful and friendly.

We are a team

At Safe at Sea we work closely together to reach our targets and to deliver the best rescue equipment there is in the market. We respect each other and care about each other. We treat our colleagues in the same way as we treat our customers, which among other things means that we help each other in every possible way to be able to create a great product. All the employees’ duties/tasks are equally important to the final result.


Safe at Sea takes responsibility for the entire manufacturing- and sales process for our products. Our individual employee takes responsibility for themselves, for their tasks and communicates when something is not working as per planned. It is important for us to deliver on time and with superior quality to both our customers, partners and to each other.

We Are Enthusiastic

We strive to always keep a positive attitude to development, to constantly evolve and to stay curious. For us it is important to have fun at work and to help each other.


Safe at Sea is a company where we have an open and straight communication both with each other within the company but also with our customers and suppliers. Everyone needs to be properly informed to take the best decisions.

We Care

We make sure to deliver with high quality and in a professional way. When we encounter difficulties we dare to be creative to find the best solutions. We care about our vision and values in our daily work and we always want to create the best possible working environment for both ourselves and our customers.

Safe at Sea HISTORY

In 2006 current CEO Kaj Lehtovaara and Board Member Peter Alexandersson starts Safe at Sea. Read more about our history.