Just like the RESCUERUNNER, the ELECORUNNER® is designed to go where other boats cannot go. Yet there is one big difference – the ELECORUNNER has a fully electric, quiet and exhaust-free powertrain. All our other boat models are also available with this electrical powertrain, e.g. E-GUARDRUNNER and E-SEARANGER. The ELECORUNNER® is the perfect choice for professional SAR operators- designed, developed and built for customers who need a compact, strong, versatile and environmental friendly boat for rescue missions, surveillance or transports. With ELECORUNNER® we enable organisations to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within agenda 2030.

One should not have to put the commitment to save lives against protecting the environment, when there is an opportunity to have these ambitions harmonized. Environmental requirements within the EU, the US and in other countries, for boats to be used in inland waters, are getting more and more limited on the usage of internal combustion engines in lakes and other sensitive waters. With the ELECORUNNER® Safe at Sea meets the needs of customers who strive to reduce their environmental impact or that are limited by regulations in inland waters such as lakes and rivers.