GUARDRUNNER X is configured to meet your specific requirements, examples of requested features;

  • Rigid or inflatable sponson protected with Polyuera
    which gives the
    GRX unmatched stability in the water
    and makes the unit virtually unsinkable. The Polyurea
    coating protects the sponson from damages during
  • Hull protected with Polyuera coating.
  • Integrated extra fuel tank for maximized range.
  • Lifting eyes for handling the GRX with crane or helicopter.
  • Aft deck with enlarged work platform/loading space.
  • Water Jet Cleaning shaft available from the aft deck.
  • We customize in accordance with your operational requirements.
  • Auxiliary Electrical installations separated from the main electrical system
  • Separated battery circuits.
  • Installations for Night-Time NVG Operations.
  • Reduced signature (IR absorbing, noise cancelling, reflections)

The team has developed various TWC and PWC models since 2006. We know that there is not one single standard solution that meets the different requirements operators may have.

The team behind GRX has extensive experience when it comes to military operations and development of small and flexible Tactical Watercrafts (TWC´s).