German Wasserwacht order RescueRunner System

It did not take long after Wasserwacht Germany tried and tested the RescueRunner system in October 2018 before they decided this was a solution that fitted their operational needs.

The Wasserwacht organisation which is the water rescue division within the German Red Cross are very skilled and experienced rescuers and have for a long time been working with personal water crafts / jetsskis as their tools. They have however experienced a lot of damages to the hulls on their current systems due to the sandbanks they have in the area where they operate. They trust that the RescueRunner with its polyethelene hull will be a much more robust and solid solution for their operations in the future.

“We are proud and delighted that Wasserwacht has chosen the RescueRunner System. They are the fifth Red Cross organisation in the world to select Safe at Sea as their supplier” says Kaj Lehtovaara, CEO at Safe at Sea AB (publ)

The system will be delivered in November 2018.

Order Value: 300 000 SEK

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