Our History

Our History is connected with the development of the RescueRunner and our close cooperation with Swedish Sea Rescue Society. Here are some of the most important years in our history.


Fredrik Falkman launches the RescueRunner project as his bachelor paper in Industrial Design at Konstfack. The project is sponsored by SSRS.


Tests of the first prototype of RescueRunner are done by Swedish Sea Rescue Society. Helicopter H99 crashes outside Gothenburg.


Lt Lars-Bertyl Rystrand at the helicopter base starts a fundraiser in the name of the diseased helicopter crew. The aim is to fund one RescueRunner. The fundraiser was a huge success and funded the first six RescueRunners donated to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.


Kaj Lehtovaara, Peter Alexandersson and Magnus Ahlstrand starts Safe at Sea and signs an agreement with SSRS about manufacturing and sales right of RescueRunner.


Safe at Sea launches on the stock exchange AktieTorget


RescueRunner Cradle is developed within the FiRST project. Safe at Sea starts its own production facilities in Kungälv north of Gothenburg.


Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) in United Arab Emirates acquires eight RescueRunners.


RescueRunner is CE approved.

RescueRunner is the first rescue system being approved to do rescue tests underneath a BP oil platform in the North Sea.


Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, RS, decides to invest in RescueRunner.


Estonian Police and Border Guard purchases 10 GuardRunners