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Safe at Sea manufactures and sells the most efficient light weight Search and Rescue equipment in the world. The flagship is the RescueRunner. Always feel free to contact us for further information.

The RescueRunner is a rescue boat specially developed by experienced sea rescue operators to effectively rescue distressed people out of the water in the most difficult of conditions both closer to coastal areas and offshore. One or two sea rescue operators can quickly and easily take people on board out of the water, regardless if they are unconscious or conscious.


The GuardRunner is a development of the RescueRunner concept for CSAR and Law enformcement. The GuardRunner goes where other boats can’t go to bring people out of the water with ease. The GuardRunner is available with a foam filled hull and is certified unsinkable and has additional possibilities for storage compartments.

Training and Courses

Safe at Sea arranges training for rescue with the RescueRunner in all kind of waters as well as training in flooded areas and rivers.

Personal Protective Equipment

A range of different personal protective equipement for use together with the Runners..

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Safe at Sea AB also offers ship management

The Management Company

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Safe at Sea develops, produces and sells lightweight, flexible and cost-effective maritime rescue systems. These systems help to save lives by improving maritime SAR operations (Search and Rescue) worldwide. The systems include equipment, developed work methods and associated training. The base of the Safe at Sea product range is the Rescuerunner system, developed in collaboration with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS).

The Management Company has technical, safety and crew management contracts for Superyachts as well as cargo vessels. The long shipping competency in the organization is an advantage for both our companies.



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