Search and Rescue Systems


Search and Rescue is an important part of keeping people safe. Rescuers risk their life everyday so people can enjoy the ocean and rivers. This is why Safe at Sea makes safe and reliable rescue systems that works.

We manufacture and provide the most efficient maritime rescue equipment. Our flagship is the RescueRunner, the boat that goes where other boats cannot go. This means you can expand your search area and access shallow and rocky waters where you today cannot cover.

Close Cooperation

We work closely with our customers to give you the best solutions for your rescue needs. Our systems is effective also in inland waters, patrol and combat-SAR missions. We are proud to say that customers who tries RescueRunner comes back and expand their fleet.

First of all, our way of working starts by learning to understand your operational challenges and together identifying your specific needs. Together with you, we develop a customized Search-and Rescue system involving launch and recovery solutions, personal equipment, training and operational procedures.You can consider Safe at Sea to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to lightweight and effective SAR-systems.

Contact us to get a quote on any of our equipment and your organisation will start a journey towards the safest SAR operations.