RescueRunner Cradle

RescueRunner Cradle (RRC) enables smooth and safe launch and recovery of a RescueRunner or a GuardRunner. It is proven on smaller mother vessels as well as large ferries. Successful tests of launch and recovery of RescueRunners have been done in up to 3m significant wave height. The RRC itself floats and it is operated by simply drive through it when launching. On the return of the mission, you just drive in to the RRC. In this safe position you can easily attach the hooks before the crane lifts the unit onboard.

Strong and light weight Cradle

The RRC is made in polyethylene, the same strong and light material as the RescueRunners hull. This means that the RRC together with a RescueRunner is light weight and safer to launch than a heavy fast rescue boat.

The Cradle also provides storage onboard the mother vessel when your RescueRunner is not in operation.

The RescueRunner Cradle is the perfect tool for safe and fast launch of an efficient man over boat unit.