Ten GuardRunners to Estonia

We are delighted to announce that Safe at Sea has won its largest order to date from Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. The order of ten GuardRunners, nine trailers and a RescueRunner Cradle comes after an tough technical requirements in the procurement from Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

Safe at Seas GuardRunner and launch and recovery system the GuardRunner Cradle was the only rescue water craft that met the requirements of the procurement. With the extremely rugged exchangeable hull and the integrated rescue platform the GuardRunner is perfect for Search and Rescue missions.

GuardRunner is a purpose built rescue water craft for professional Patrolling and Search and Rescue operations. The GuardRunner Cradle makes it easy and safe to deploy and recover a GuardRunner from larger mother vessels. The intention of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board is to carry a GuardRunner onboard the 64 m “Kindral Kurvits” https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kindral_Kurvits. The other nine GuardRunners will be placed on trailers at strategic places along the Estonian coast and will be used for patrolling and SAR operations.

Safe at Sea were invited by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board to present the GuardRunner in December 2015. During the spring of 2016 we have also had the opportunity to show the GuardRunner to Italian Coast Guard and also other European government agencies such as the Finnish Border Guard have already bought GuardRunners.