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The new RescueRunner system will reduce the call out time on rescue missions in Bergen, Norway.

The Red Cross in Bergen is responsible for search and rescue operations in Bergen and the surrounding area, on the western side of Norway. Their responsibilities include both sea rescue and mountain rescue in the surrounding mountain areas.

In the mountains the RescueRunner will be an extra advantage to use since it enables the rescuers and operators to get across the large mountain lakes very quickly, which saves a lot of time in critical situations. In the past, inflatable boats with outboard engines have been used which take considerably longer to prepare. After many years of studying how both the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society - Redningselskapet and their sister organizations within the Red Cross in both Norway and in the rest of the world use the RescueRunner system, they now choose to invest in their own RescueRunner as they are convinced that it will be a very useful rescue tool for them.

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