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We are very proud to announce that DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V), the German Life Saving Organization has chosen to invest in a RescueRunner system for their Search and Rescue operations across Germany.

DLRG has during the winter / spring 2017 sent two delegations to test the RescueRunner system in Sweden and it has been a very valuable cooperation between them, SSRS (Swedish Sea Rescue Society) and Safe at Sea, learning and understanding their requirements, operations and needs to be able to provide them with a suitable solution.

The RescueRunner system will be the first one to enter Germany. DLRG Operators will perform further tests of the system that might be an option for beach / flood and swift water rescue as well as during larger events for life-saving.

We are optimistic in regard to a fruitful cooperation between DLRG and Safe at Sea in the future.

With almost 560,000 members in approximately 2,100 local groups, the DLRG is the largest voluntary water rescue organization in the world. Including donors, over one million people support the work of the DLRG.