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The Fire and Rescue Services of Gästrike, Sweden have selected the RescueRunner system to further strengthen their water rescue capabilities.

In Sweden, there are already several rescue services that for many years have used RescueRunner as a tool for firefighting, water rescue, diving operations, search operations and environmental rescue operations.

The Fire and Rescue services of Gästrike is responsible for rescue services at e.g. Gävle Harbor, which is the Swedish east coast's largest port and the RescueRunner was selected for its unbeatable functionality and versatility. In addition to responsibility for islands and the coastal strip in Gävlebukten, they are also responsible for many rivers and lakes in their operational area, including Gavleån which flows through the city of Gävle. The Fire and Rescue Services of Gästrike were searching for a small SAR unit for operatios in shallow, narrow and / or rapid water, where an ordinary propeller-driven boat cannot go. The main focus for their RescueRunner will be drowning operations, but it will also be used in case of fire and environmental rescue.

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