We are happy to announce that the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) purchases two new RescueRunner, which mean they have acquired five RescueRunners so far in 2017.

SSRS is the organization with the most RescueRunners in the world SSRS was founded in 1907 and has more than hundred years of sea rescue experience in harsh conditions. Today SSRS has more than fifty RescueRunners. Some of them have been in SAR service for more than ten years.

Their RescueRunners are in use in inshore waters as well as in the Swedish archipelago and in offshore SAR operations. SSRS once developed the RescueRunner to reach shallow and rocky areas where other boats cannot go.

SSRS is not only a customer to Safe at Sea, they are also a partner when it comes to development and training. They have 2 100 volunteer sea rescuer manning 69 stations all over Sweden.

The RescueRunners will be delivered in Q3 2017. The value of the deal is approximately SEK 750.000.