Instructor Training Course

RescueRunner/GuardRunner Instructor Training Course

The three (3) day theoretical and practical course is for personnel/operators who have previously taken part of the RescueRunner/GuardRunner Basic Operator Training and spent 40 hrs practicing to operate their RescueRunner/GuardRunner.

The participants will be trained to become RescueRunner/GuardRunner instructors to be able to teach future RescueRunner/GuardRunner operators in their organisation.

The training includes;

  • How to prepare for arranging a RescueRunner/GuardRunner Basic Operators Training
  • Theoretical training in all manuals, instruction books, checklists, service intervals etc.
  • Operating training exercises and usage/rescue techniques and how to teach them
    • Technical maintenance and how to teach it
    • Hull Repairs

The course is offered in Käringön, Sweden or at suitable location of your choice.

4-6 participants can attend each course.