Safe at Sea AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Seagenesis PTY Ltd.

The agreement gives Safe at Sea AB (publ) the exclusive right to sell SeaRanger throughout Europe, including the EU.

There are many similarities between Seagenesis and Safe at Sea as a company, and there are great similarities around how the SeaRanger and RescueRunner has been developed. RescueRunner was developed by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS), based on the operational needs identified in the operators activities. A development that led to the cooperation with Safe at Sea. SeaRanger has been developed in exactly the same way, but in this case the identified needs come from the South African Sea Rescue organisation, National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), that cooperated with Seagenesis in developing the SeaRanger. NSRI currently has just over 20 SeaRangers in their fleet of SAR boats and they plan to expand the fleet by another 20 units. By comparison, SSRS has just over 60 RescueRunners.

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