Report from our succeful tour on Iceland

Safe at Sea carried out a very successful tour on Iceland June 17 to June 22. Already into the middle of the promotion tour, the interest was immense for the product and its capabilities and the demo RescueRunner was sold to the sea rescue station Björgunarsveitin Geisli in Fáskrúðsfjörður, on the east coast of Iceland.

The tour was a huge success with seven demonstrations to over sixty sea rescuers as well as appearing on national tv news at prime time.

After a full day of demonstrations in Akureyi on June 19th with the Icelandic SAR Rescue teams from the north coast of the island, we experienced an amazing encounter with three very curious humpback whales.


RescueRunner proved to be a useful tool for SAR operations in the harsh Icelandic environment. Our RescueRunner met the different challenges along the Icelandic coast as well as on the white water river Ölfusá.

This caused Björgunarsveitin Geisli in Fáskrúðsfjörður to purchase our demo-RescueRunner for immediate use. After testing the RescueRunner in their home waters they were convinced it was a very useful tool for them.

It is very valuable and crucial for us at Safe at Sea to meet our customers and learn more about their organizations and get an even better understanding of their operations and missions.It has been very interesting to learn about Icelandic SAR:s impressive organization and environment.

Thank you to everyone who participated in demonstrations and shared your experiences and thoughts with us! It was a true pleasure to meet you and we hope to see you soon again!