Port of Gothenburg buys Mobile Rescue Station

Port of Gothenburg will be our first customer for the newly developed Mobile Rescue Station.
It is a complete rescue station for a RescueRunner with built in launch/recovery system and a service station. This gives our customers the possibility to place the rescue station where it I best needed. It has since long been Safe at Seas ambition to achieve a breakthrough within the port segment.

RescueRunner, is the boat that goes where other boats cannot go, to in a safe and fast way save people in distress. With the Mobile Rescue Station it will be easier for our customer to place and service their RescueRunner where it will be most useful.  By placing the RescueRunner strategically it will reach the person in distress faster.

The Mobile Rescue Station comes in a 20´ container, which is placed where the customer wants it. The Mobile Rescue Station is equipped with either a ramp or a crane for fast and safe launch of the RescueRunner.

The Mobile Rescue Station includes a service station and storage of all personal protective equipment needed for an operation. There is of course the possibility to plug in power and connect water to the Mobile Rescue Station. If you don’t have access to power or water, the Mobile Rescue Station can be fitted with solar panels and water tanks.

”We have been working closely with the Port of Gothenburg to develop this very interesting concept. The Mobile Rescue Station makes it possible to have a RescueRunner where it will make the most use and the customer can reach the operation area faster.” Kaj Lehtovaara, CEO Safe at Sea AB




The Mobile Rescue Station is part of Safe at Seas way of thinking in complete solution systems,built from the needs of our customers. Except the Mobile Rescue Station we also have in our portfolio the RescueRunner Cradle to quickly and safe launch and recover the RescueRunner from larger mother vessels.