Investor & Press

Safe at Sea AB (publ) is listed on Spotlight Stock Market. There are 19 206 079 shares in the company, and about 632 share holders. Thanks to our loyal share holders we are strong and have a good possibility to finance development of our products.

The company was founded 2006 and listed on Spotlight Stock Market in 2008. For more information about the company check out About Us. You can also find information about the Safe at Sea team, Board of Directors and partner companies at our Contact page

Press Releases

Spotlight Stock Market and Cision publish all press releases from the company. Due to market regulations we are obliged to post our news there first. Shortly after the press release we also publish the news on our website. Normally we publish news in English however the financial information is generally in Swedish. If you wish any of this information translated contact us.

Financial reports

Interim and annual reports are available on our website as well as on Spotlight Stock Market We do not send reports and financial statements  to shareholders otherwise than when asked to. This also goes for the annual report which is only sent to those who asks to get a hard copy.