Icelandic sea rescue station choose the SafeRunner system

Svansson EHF, our Icelandic distributor will deliver one SafeRunner system to Ólafsfjordur and the Bjorgunrasveitin Tindur team, a sea rescue station on northern Iceland. Bjorgunrasveitin Tindur is a SAR station responsible for all types of rescue missions along the coast line, in the fjord, river and lakes.

Bjorgunrasveitin Tindur now chooses to invest in a SafeRunner system to be able to operate in a safe and efficient way in the Icelandic harsh weather conditions. Their Search and Rescue area is mostly concentrated to the northern part of Iceland, but like other Icelandic rescue teams, they help where ever they are needed, whenever they are needed. The SafeRunner system is the third that Safe at Sea AB delivers to Iceland.

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