Hrvatski Crveni Kriz invests in their third RescueRunner system

To continue the development of their water rescue capabilities, the Croatian Red Cross is now investing in yet another RescueRunner system. It is the third system to be delivered to them and the goal is to include their specialist life-saving-units-on-water in the national emergency 112 system, for search-and rescue in the sea, on rivers, lakes etc. All done in close cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Sea. 

During 2019 Hrvatski Crveni Kriz was responsible for:

  • Trainings for lifeguards – 300 new lifeguards trained and certified,
  • 550 lifeguards worked on 200 beaches and pools across the Republic of Croatia
  • Lifeguards had over 1300 beach and or pool interventions
  • 40 lives were saved
  • Preventive activities for reducing water accidents that include preventative workshops, swimming schools, flyer distribution and picture books with the water safety code
  • Red Cross lifeguard clubs – on-call duty to monitor and ensure participant safety during
  • events (races, triathlons, etc.) at sea,
  • Education of lifeguards who are members of specialist teams for saving lives in floods and accidents at sea,

To read the press release:,c3057996