Finnish Border Guards buys GuardRunner

The Finnish Border Guard, RAJA, has decided to install a GuardRunner onboard their new patrol boat which is currently being built at Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy Yard in Finland. RAJA is only one of many governmental authorities who have lately showed great interest in the GuardRunner.

The Finnish Border Guard is currently building a new patrol vessel at Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy Yard in Finland. The delivery is planned for 2017, they have however already placed the order for the GuardRunner that is to be carried onboard the vessel. RAJA will be utilizing the time until the delivery of the patrol boat to perform further operational trials and training with the GuardRunner.

“We are very proud that yet another governmental authority has decided to choose our GuardRunner solution. The interest for this product has increased dramatically lately and it is very encouraging to see that these authorities are verifying the usability of our product in their operations”, says CEO Kaj Lehtovaara

GuardRunner is a RescueRunner aimed for law enforcement organizations and it serves the same SAR purposes as a RescueRunner but thanks to the launch and recovery possibilities from a mother vessel the versatile GuardRunner can be used for many more tasks than Search And Rescue.

The order value is approximately SEK 330.000.