Jason’s Cradle

The Jason’s Cradle® is used all over the world for man overboard retrieval. It has become an essential piece of equipment for all commercial and military vessels. Used around the globe by offshore, military, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts and RIB operators the Jason’s Cradle is the go to product for man overboard retrieval. Jason’s Cradle® allows the retrieval of casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.

Jason’s Cradle® enables a horizontal lift and so vastly reduces the possibility of “dry drowning” – more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The Jason’s Cradle ensures quick deployment and efficient retrieval of the casualty often in environments where every second Counts.

Since the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. Jason’s Cradle® can help you to meet these regulations effectively and efficiently with a proven solution to man overboard retrieval.