IWCS iri-Insert headset

Iri-Insert Waterproof Headset for ICOM, Entel and Motorola Radio Single Ear PTT Mic Right (standard)

iri-Insert is a fully waterproof, high-end, audio add-on to your Gecko Mk11 Marine Safety Helmet, enabling you to communicate even under the most challenging conditions.

iri-Insert consists of one or two small speaker enclosures which are easily installed in a Gecko Mk11 helmet. The right side enclosure holds the noise reduction boom microphone and the connection cable to the radio. 

When the iri-Insert is ordered for use with an iriSound marine intercom system (via iriBelt or iriHS), it comes with a sturdy 50/120 cm or 90/230 cm polyurethane spiral cable terminated in a 9-pin waterproof connector.

iri-Insert is available for direct radio connection in which it comes with either straight or spiral cable terminated in an original radio connector.

To suit specific use scenarios iri-Insert is delivered with a set of foam wind mufflers in S/M/L size. These are also available as spare parts.


  • Speaker: 200 - 8 000 Hz, Military grade noise cancelling boom microphone. Voltage supply from radio.
  • Termination: Spiral cable with connector for iriBelt or radio specific connector for direct radio connection.
  • PTT Function: Optional
  • Environmental: IP67 / -20 - +40 C
  • Weight: 60g/100g not including cable

Connect to

  • iriBelt - Wireless transceiver
  • iriHS - wired headset interface
  • Handheld radio ICOM, Motorola, Entel and more.