Equip you RescueRunner with a heart defibrillator

We now offer Schiller Fred Easyport: the worlds first ever pocket-sized defibrillator unit.

Small and lightweight, it is the perfect size to fit in the saddle-box of the RescueRunner, 133x126x35mm in size. But it still has the power to save the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Key Features

  • Lightweight (490 grams including batteries) means it is the perfect defibrillator to have with you if you’re planning to travel to remote destinations
  • High-resolution LCD screen highlights: battery life, ECG and more
  • On-screen recovery process guides you through each stage, as well as the number of shocks provided
  • Battery can provide up to 65 shocks when fully charged
  • Ideal companion for physicians, paramedics, public-service staff and other medically trained professionals
  • Mulitpulse Biowave technology creates a softer energy pulse and protects the heart during defibrillation

Contact us for more information:

info@safeatsea.se, +46763160470