Another RescueRunner System to be delivered to Iceland

Icelandic SAR station Björgunarsveitin Eining á Breiðdalsvík orders a RescueRunner system.

Björgunarsveitin Eining á Breiðdalsvík is the next Search-and-Rescue station on Iceland (ICE-SAR) to place an order for a RescueRunner system including extra equipment and trailer. We are very delighted to see that our products are becoming more and more well-known and that the ICE-SAR teams have discovered how useful this equipment is for their operations. We held a presentation and demonstration day in Reykjavik, Iceland on the 13th Dec 2018 which gave the ICE-SAR, Coastguard, Police and Fire Fighters a good opportunity to test the system.

The RescueRunner will be delivered to Björgunarsveitin Eining á Breiðdalsvík already in January 2019.

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